My tension about DH in two tweets

I think I just sent out two tweets that sum up -- in very compressed form -- my longstanding tension about how I approach DH, and some of the . . . umm . . . recent conversations within (maybe) DH.


Hi! I'm Patrick, and I'm a coder. To me, well written code is transparent in meaning.


Hi! I'm Patrick, and I'm a literature Ph.D. To me, there is no such thing as a transparent text.


 No idea yet what, if anything, I can get out of those. But I'll be thinking on them.



by Timothy Cottterman on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 13:08

I think the best way of dealing with this apparent paradox is recognizing that your
goal is not make anything comprehensive its just to make it understandable and
available for interpretation by others.

The best thing I do to remind me of this is look at these two reddit pages

The way I was trained as a coder was to always leave enough notes that someone else can understand my functions.

The way I was trained as a historian was to not write for the 7 other people in history that are interested but instead write for both a general and specific audience.

In other words it probably has less to do with transparency and more to do with fluency

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